Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blatta & Inesha


Such a great word to associate with music.. but so rare is a track worthy of being given such a title.

In my opinion.. I vouch for these guys.. and say that these tracks are INSANE!! =D

Ramirez - Orgasmico (Blatta & Inesha Remix)

Ramirez - El Ritmo Barbaro (Blatta & Inesha Raw Power Remix)

Blatta & Inesha - Where Is It feat. Gigi Barocco

Oh.. and also harmless plug between now and then..

March 7th @ WoW - For all of you Melbournians who suffer from lack of Insane Music.. this is your fix.. I'll be the guy wearing the Trumpdisco Card around my neck...


Friday, February 27, 2009

Here It Is

And Here It Is...

Sounds like a really.... really....... really good polyphonic ringtone.

Tiga - Mind Dimension (Bloody Beetroots Remix)


Blue Note Records crossed with a Bond film.

We Dig.

Runark EP

Having best friends like the Bloody Beetroots and Crookers would be enough to make any decent producer want to change proffessions.

Exception: Congorock has been slowly but surely making his mark on the dance music scene for a while now, and with his debut EP just released on Fool's Gold, it looks like his big name mates need to watch their back.

Get the "Runark" EP.

01. Congorock - Runark
02. Congorock - Runark (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
03. Congorock - Exodus
04. Congorock - Hybro
05. Congorock - Runark (His Majesty Andre Growl Remix) [Digital Only]

Congorock - Runark (Jokers Of the Scene Remix) highly recomended

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Charlie's Fanclub

This song is unbelievable.

Another production by one of the world's most underrated producers.... can you believe that it's over 2 years old??

Charlie Fanclub - FRANKENHOOKER
(Highly Recommended!)

Give him some love

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Not Raven

Came across this clip and was admittedly quite excited to hear how it would sound.

What I found: Crookers continue to produce inconsistently.

(This had soooo... much potential)

Proxy - Raven (Crookers Remix)
clip (link fixed)

...too harsh???

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sex Majik (Kraymer Remix)

yo yo

just thought i'd post a remix i just finished.

it's called "Sex Majik". the original is by Runt Records founder Mr. Pher.

not sure if its getting released as of yet but here it is anyway!!! :)

hope ya enjoy!



Sex Majik (Kraymer Remix) - Mr. Pher

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is this criminal???

It's finally happened.

(and So Me) have sold out on a massive scale.

With their bank accounts filled to the brim... It'll be very interesting to see what occurs in the aftermath of this very controversial collaboration with one of the most heartless multi-nationals the world has ever seen.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kraymer Feb. Mix


here is my Feb. mix and tracklist

hope ya enjoy



Kraymer Feb. Mix

1. I Need You (Hijack Remix) - Tom EQ - (Jack Union Records)
2. Can't Be Wrong (Original Mix) - Santiago & Bushido - (Potty Mouth Music)
3. Make A Fella Wanna (Danny Soundz & Ruel Quiroz Remix) - Kraymer - (Pivital Records)
4. Addict (Original Mix) - Mightyfools - (Venga Digital)
5. Raver Lovin' (Nadastrom Remix) - Edu K - (Sweat It Out)
6. Stressin' Me (Shopliftas Remix) - Kraymer - (Pivital Records)
7. Nut Kickaz (Bass Weazal Remix) - Aniki - (CDR??)
8. 6:15 (Original Mix) - Kraymer - (Pivital Records)
9. We Can't Be Stop'd (Original Mix) - The Yank - (Movement Music)
10. I Got U (Original Mix) - Kraymer - (Let's Play House Recordings)
11. Yah! (The Count & Sinden Remix) - Buraka Soma Sistema - (CDR??)
12. Guerrillaz (Original Mix) - Kraymer - (Idiot House Records)
13. Paris (Urchins Edit) - Friendly Fires - (CDR)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Get Me Gingy!

My dearest appologies for the absence of some serious Whiteballin' content... I do believe it was a combination of myself trying to perfect my current mix... and also because I've developed an itch due to a new upcoming Trumpdisco track that seriously.. may cause hemorrhaging...

But anyway.. enough talk about the people's champion...

There's this guy called Gingy right... he states that.. "I throw the Real Real Hard/Dirty Disko parties in London"... and he has seriously caught my eye of recent.

For you frequent Whiteballers.. you would have seen his Bass Live remix up.. and I must say.. this is not his one and only stupidly loud track! And aren't we lucky there's more!!

Tiga - Mind Dimension (Gingy Remix)

Gingy - Rios For MVP

Gingy - Swagger

Gingy- Wreck

Gingy - Don't You Worry

Many apologies for being away for a while... but I do know something that will make the Melbourne population a little forgiving......


Check this site for tickets.. "" ... Going to be the most worthy of nights... and just to make Quinn happy... 'Death Anus'... that is all..