Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Housi Housi Lick My Pussy

Whiteballin' Lesson of the Day: Les Petits Pilous is from this moment on, a constant word to be used in your vocabulary. You should mention them at least 10 times per day to insure that others learn about them. You will have learned your lesson when ALL of your friends/family/colleagues/douches/enemies and the general populous of your city play their music.. loud.. constantly..

A good mate of mine said he had been checking out this blog.. and he thought that we post "Some Chunky Tunes".... I took this as a compliment and believe I have to live up to this proclamation.

Les Petits Pilous has just released a new EP titled 'Wake Up'. If you don't know of them already... you'll recognise their tunes.. played frequently in sets by 'The Bloody Beetroots' and 'Mr. Oizo' to name a few. And to the people playing along at home.. you can see why Whiteballin loves these guys so much..

Les Petits Pilous - Wake Up

Les Petits Pilous - Housi

Les Petits Pilous - Going Techno

"Fucking Insane.." I seem to like saying that while listening...

All this Les Petits Pilous has invigorated me.. I think this post needs MORE banging tracks... yes... more...

Destroy Disco - Fly Or Bounce (Bart B More Rerub)

The fresh kids over at buzzendirekt reminded me of how generally kick ass Switch is... shame on me for forgetting...

Radioclit - Divine Gosa (Switch Remix)

Brick N Lace - Never Never (Switch Remix)

Fatboy Slim - Champion Sound (Switch Remix)

And last but not least.. the boys at Noisia have a new little monster on their hands..

The Prodigy - Omen (Noisia Remix)

Enjoy these banging tunes.. and for the guys and gurls in Melbourne.. get tickets for Boys Noize/D.I.M/Fred Falke down at Prince this Friday (23rd). Should be a kick ass night.. the Whiteballin crew will be down so come share the love!!

P.S. The track in the video below this post is called 'Warp' and you can expect it released in March! =D


Monday, January 12, 2009

Residual Wood

To quote the infamous 'Dr Thomas Anthony Wells-Quinn' ....

"Residual Wood Is Ongoing"

I believe I speak for many people when I say the end of 2008 was crap simply because none of us were attending the event in the video above...

This was at the Amore 2009 New Years Eve event in Rome... I think Happy New Year was an understatement..

From what I've worked out it's a new single that The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki and releasing.

Anyone else experiencing residual wood?


Saturday, January 10, 2009


If ya havent heard of JACK BEATS by now then what rock have u been hiding under?
beni g and plus one make up the imfamous duo called jack beats, comin at ya from the UK.
these dudes have remixed for boy 8-bit, lady sovereign, ac slater, steed lord and the list goes on!
not to mention an e.p coming soon on the cheaper thrills label.
everything these guys touch they DESTROY!! (in a very good way!)
i would have to say they are on the top of my favourite producers list at the moment for sure!
this original project bassline track has just been released through cheaper thrills, with a smokin' count remix and this floor smasher that im about to provide u with!!
so without further a due (i think thats how u write it)....

drop the pressure (jack beats 'rinsed out rave' remix) - project bassline


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Official!!

It's Official!! The first two tracks from The Proxy's Kissy Sell Out Mix are Polymorphic tracks!!!

The first one is a Proxy remix of an unknown Polymorphic track... but I'm making a safe bet in saying it's a remix of 'Rebel'.

And the second track is a brand new Polymorphic track... and because I love you.. here it is!!

Polymorphic - Techno Music

And to mix it up a bit.. Polymorphic remixed his own track!!

Polymorphic - Techno Music (Polymorphic Thrash Remix)

Now to make my day even better.. The Proxy is playing in Australia in February.. People will Die... I suggest you go.. <3