Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jingle January...?

Yes its not Christmas anymore, and technically we're a bit late in posting it here on our own blog, but we did it for teh LuLz, and we really just dont.., just do not care that its 792 hours late...




We here at whitballin have much love for a hideous Dub Step track. When used well, a piece of rank can cause most of a crowd to just freeze up and pull a face like our dear friend above, and force the rest into a stomping frenzy comparable to the Ent attack on Isengard...

Here are some of our fave's at the mo, please destroy with care.

(The track that caused our friend nick (above) to shrivel up into a ball and die)

(Second Drop is pure Win)

(Classic Dub Step from one of the masters..)

If being killed by 16-Bit sounds as much fun to you, as it does to us, then come see them play here in Melbourne
at the Mercat Cross on the 20th of Feb.

Friday, January 22, 2010


This post is all about us, so is of course, totally wankery. Weeeeeeeeee!

With so much love for Rammstein, a remix seemed in order...

Time for some more relentless self promotion...

If your after a good ear smashing in the next few weeks:

We're playing at the Melbourne Trashbags launch this Sat (23rd Jan) at the Roxanne Parlour.

Then we're off to Sydney to open the new Trashbags night 'Teenage' at the Oxford Art Factory (30th Jan)

And then its back down to Melbourne to open The Secret Society at The Mercat (5th Feb)



Oh Joy!!

So the wonderful person who stole our cds actually does have a soul, and upon realising that either: that they were not jack beats cds, the fact that he would be hunted down for eternity or just the sheer kindness of his heart, he decided to return them!

In celebration of such a joyous even, we have some songs for you...

Remember that guy Proxy talks about in the interview we posted a while back..? Well thanks to a friend we can now share this with you!

(This remix isnt as whiteball inducing as our usual posts, but this remix just fits and compliments the original so well we just love it.)

And to the one who stole the cds, thanks for doing the right thing in the end.


Monday, January 11, 2010

The Worst!

On Saturday the 9th on January, we played a show at the Hifi Bar & Ballroom in Melbourne with Jack Beats.

But a night of music and partying quickly turned to shit, as at precisely 2:00 am, just as Jack Beats were finishing and we were starting, someone stole our beloved CD's.

At the same time, this wasn't surprising. There was about 30 drunk 18 year old blokes on stage who had managed to overpower the extremely undermanned Hifi Bar security staff.

We lost 5 years worth of music and a lot of our unreleased works.

Whoever stole them is clearly enough of a dickhead to brag about it... So, if you know who did it - or if YOU did it - let us know how we can get them back.

We won't ask questions. You can stay anonymous... For all we care, you can burn all the disks. BUT WE NEED THEM BACK!

If you know anything, send us an email at

We stress again that we don't need to see you or talk to you... WE JUST WANT OUR CD'S BACK!