Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sorry (once again) about our absence. We've just been so busy lately!
What with work, sleep, music and half of the operation leaving to Japan for a month, all time has seemingly vanished.

But I made a promise to myself that I'd do all that i could, for as long as i could, to keep this place up and running, though to tell you the truth, it gets harder every time...

But anyway!

Here are some new and old tunes that I've discovered, re-discovered and just generally am diggin.

Seen/heard this track around the traps for a while and it's finally reared it's catchy little head.
It makes me happy.

The Who - Baba O'Reily (SebastiAn Remix)

Overlooked this song when i first heard it, but ever since i saw the man himself open his set to it at Prince in Melbourne a few weeks ago... It's been love. The syncopation achieved when the kick first drops is salivatory and something only Oizo can do.

Jamie Lidell - A Little Bit Of Feelgood (Mr Oizo Remix)

This track is generally fucken fidget and some new territory for the somewhat omnipresent Ed Banger himself, Busy P, who's teamed up with some new talent for this slamming Das Pop remix. Djedjotronic has showed his skills with a number of originals and remixes, but it was his remix of "Invaders" by Ed Banger newbies, DSL, that turned heads (namely Busy P ...)

But yeah...

Das Pop - Underground (Djedjotronic & Busy P Remix)

This next one was track one of Sinden's latest "We Make It Good Vol. 3". It's a real good bunch of tracks... mainly the Fake Blood tunes.... But this one is a fucking slamfest!
(Thanks to FVCV)

Don Rimini - Rave On

I think i got this track around this time last year and it like many great songs slipped under radar. It played on my iTunes when i was in that horribly indescisive mindset of I'm fucking tired and i should have an early night.....or at the risk of getting pneumnia..... I could get loose at one of Melbourne's notoriously good nightspots.

Listen to the song and tell me what you think i ended up doing that night.

Jumi Lee - B Attack (Pirate Robot Midget Remix)

And finally, I generally just love to mix this song! Not to mention how unbelievably good it is!
Also... a bit of useless trivia you may or may not know... Jester plays the drums in Goose.

Goose - British Mode (Jester Remix)

Enjoy kuns!!!!!