Tuesday, July 28, 2009


After a massive weekend in Sydney... it's time to pick up what's left of my soul and give you some tracks. Thanks to all who danced to our music and all who hung with us! It was great times!

is coming to Aus soon and his tracks destroy! The Beetroots are loving him at the moment... so it's time you did too!

Bloody Beetroots - Warp 1.9 (G-Tronic Remix)

G-Tronic - My Money Cheers Gilly you kent!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ahhhh shit!

Do you need some tunes right there?
Get these:

Ollie! & Bare Noize - Dancing In The Dark VIP Hilariously good!

Bird Peterson - The Essence

Mr Oizo - Lambs Garbage (Doorly Edit) A nice re-arrangement of some Oizo junk.

Blake - What I like (Knuckles Insomniac Remix) FECK!

Excision, Datsik - Calypso (Original Mix) Small... Wait a sec.

Zombie Nation - Worth It (Arveene & Misk Remix)

HighBloo - Effective Nice dark bleepy tech.

Pond Life - Space Marines Mega as feck!

Hopefully this restores your faith in this blog.


Friday, July 17, 2009


So you think your a hard cunt aye? One of those real tuff son of a sluts? Well this post will sort the shit out of you. Few fresh, few old, but all guaranteed to make your nuts bleed . . check out these rapists.

Turbo (Jokers Of The Scene Remix) - Burns

Pedrophilia (Djedjotronic Remix) - Busy P

Who are You? (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) - Proxy (the long awaited)

You, Me, and the Devil - High Rankin

Parisienne - Felix Cartal

Piano Magic - S.P.A

Also, because its my first post I'll give you a little taste of my cum.

Tronix Minimix - Violate

Includes some of the whores just posted as well as some freshies, old timer favorite's and some exclusives just to ease your blue balls.

  1. Piano Magic - S.P.A
  2. Turbo (Jokers Of The Scene Remix) - Burns
  3. Right Here, Right Now (Trumpdisco Remix) - Fat Boy Slim
  4. We Are Rockstars (Cold Blank Remix) - Does It Offend You, Yeah
  5. $$ Troopers - Huoratron
  6. 45 Overdrive - Redial
  7. Who Are You (Trumpdisco Edit) - The Proxy
  8. Puah - Gigi Barocco
  9. B-Attack (Pirate Robot Midget Remix) - Jumi Lee
  10. Junk - Ado!
  11. Donkey Punch - Hatiras And Jelo
  12. We Want Your Soul (Trumpdisco Remix) - Freeland
  13. No Money For Guns - High Rankin
  14. Think First (Jaxs and Soda Edit) - Proxy
  15. Walking Machine (SebastiAn Remix)(SebastiAn Edit) - Revl9n
feedback pleases.

Annnd, any of you Sydneyite's make sure you lock in next sat night at Tronix to catch myself and the world renowned TRUMPDISCO when we fly up to kill virgins behind the decks.

annnnnnd, because I'm working on a remix of the track and they are fucking awesome, heres a Pheonix sing-a-long.

1901 - Pheonix

keep your heads out of the sand for the 1901 (Violate Remix) coming soon.
mush love xx