Tuesday, September 23, 2008


He is the king of dark-tech. Heavily influenced by the savage sawtooth sounds of Drum & Bass, the Proxy is literally destroying (pun intended) dance floors literally all over the world. Tracks such as "Dance in Dark" and "Raven" are a dropped by the biggest names in the biz, while his older stuff still has a freshness and is often heard in the sets of Mr Oizo, Tiga and the Bloody Beetroots.

I adore watching novice teenie-boppers who on their first encounter with "Dance in Dark", achieve an expression on their face that sits somewhere between euphoria and fear....

The Proxy - In New DJs We Trust (19-09-2008) Thanks to DataSapiens

Chemical Brothers – ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ [Soulwax Remix]
Laven & MSO ft. Malte – ‘Reach’ [Alte Schule Acid Instrumental]
Polymorphic – ‘Rock To Play’
Autodidakt – ‘Shit Your Rack’ [Proxy Remix]
Volatile – ‘Faces Of War’
Proxy – ‘Who Are You?’
Math Head – ‘Get Hype’
Aleem –‘Felix Yo!’[Chef Remix]
Shadow Dancer – ‘Cowbois’
Math Head – ‘Turn The Music Up’ [AC Slater Remix]
Digitalism – ‘Home Zone’ [Proxy Remix]
Proxy – ‘Raven’ [Live Edit]
Medicine – ‘I'm Sick’

This remix is nothing amazing... but how can you remix perfection?

The Proxy - Raven (Le Petit Pilous Remix) Preview

This song kills people. Hence, it's inclusion in the BBC1 mix.

Math Head - Get Hype

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Root?

Yes... another post on the Bloody Beetroots.

Though i feel it's necessary as I'll be seeing them for the first time this weekend when they play at the Prince in Melbourne.

I ignore all the rhetoric regarding the repetitiveness of their signature sound and simply take it for what it is.... Music to get loose to!

So readers....If by any chance you're there... I'll be there moshing behind the decks with my crew. So come say hi!

The Bloody Beetroots - oh gosh they've taken panoramix!!

The Bloody Beetroots - T*A*P*E*

Wu-Tang Clan - Stomp! (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Audioporno - Choo Choo (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

I hate Sarah Palin


Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Messiah

This up to date remix of this Drum & Bass classic is sure to kill you.

Computer Club also goes by the name "Gigantor" who is also part of the savage and highly regarded Drum & Bass trio, Evol Intent. I was listening to them before i was listening to electro and house so I thought I'd get back to some of my "D n B" roots in this post.

Fucken Ay!

Konflict - Messiah (le castlevania & computer club Remix) preview

Konflict - Messiah (Spor Remix)

Evol Intent - Street Knowledge (Highly Recommended)

Evol Intent - Horns & Halos (Ewun Remix) (Highly Recommended)... Ewun is also one half of Kill the Noise!!!

and ps: If you live in Australia, you can catch Spor & Ewun shredding dancefloors throughout September... Seriously.... Go!

5 Sep 2008
Australia is Lifted (EWUN & SPOR TOUR) Adelaide, South Australia
6 Sep 2008
Australia is Lifted (EWUN & SPOR TOUR) Perth, Western Australia
11 Sep 2008
Australia is Lifted (EWUN & SPOR TOUR) Brisbane, Queensland
12 Sep 2008
Australia is Lifted (EWUN & SPOR TOUR) Sydney, New South Wales
13 Sep 2008
Australia is Lifted (EWUN & SPOR TOUR) Melbourne, Victoria



The Full Mont

A journey...

Duke Dumont - DJ Set at Fabric Live August 22nd